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Organic Avocado Puree

Free from artificial additives, our organic avocado puree has a beautiful pastel green color with a rich taste that is also incredibly nutritious. It blends in perfectly and provides a unique, delicious flavor.
  • Concentration 1 Strength
  • Variety Hass
  • Attributes Organic Organic Kosher Kosher Specialty_product Specialty Product
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Organic Avocado Puree


  • Product Organic Avocado Puree
  • Product Code ZAVPX0101
  • Ingredient Statement Organic avocados
  • Flavor Typical of avocados
  • Appearance Green
  • pH 5.5 -
  • Kosher Status OU Kosher
  • Reconstitution This is a single strength item and requires no reconstitution
  • Packaging 4x4lb. polyethylene bags
  • Optimal Storage Less than 0 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Recommended Shelf Life (Days)*
    Frozen (0° F) 365
    Refrigerated (38° F) 7
    Comments Keep product chilled once it has been thawed. Do not re-freeze. Use all of product once opened.
  • Microbiological
    Yeast < 100
    Mold < 100
    Total Plate Count < 3000
  • Allergens None