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What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Our minimum order is one pail/case, which is usually 5 gallons.

How do I place an order?

Please send an email to with a formal PO. If this is your first time purchasing from us, please provide us with the following information in your email so we can set you up in our system.

  • Company Name
  • Full legal name of business
  • Registered trade name or DBA
  • Billing address
  • Shipping address
  • Phone number
  • Contact Name (if other than you)
Can I get samples of your products?

Yes. Please email to request samples. Due to inventory constraints, we ask that you request no more than 5 different samples at a time. If this is your first time requesting samples, please provide the information listed in the bullets below so we can enter you into the system to process your sample order.

  • Company Name
  • Full legal name of business
  • Registered trade name or DBA
  • Billing address
  • Shipping address
  • Phone number
  • Contact Name (if other than you)
What size samples do you offer?

We offer 8oz. and 16oz. samples. We are unable to send more than 2lbs of any one sample.

What should I do if I am interested in purchasing juices or purees that you do not currently show on your product list?

Please reach out to our Customer Service team at with the quantity you need and the time frame in which you need it. Minimum orders for non-stock items varies with product availability and origin.


Where can I find a product specification sheet?

On the product details page of our website. The link is provided in our Customer Service team’s email signatures as well.

How do you recommend thawing your frozen products?

While we cannot advise customers on their operating procedures, we recommend thawing by placing the product in the cooler (38 degrees) for several days prior to use. While there aren’t any analytical checks to validate the thawing process, we use a visual check to see if the product has thawed enough to dump in our tanks. Higher brix products will take much less time because they have little water in them. Single strength products may take more time since it is more like thawing a bucket of ice.

How do I convert the weight of your product for my application?

The most common conversion is pounds to kilograms. To get kilograms, divide the weight in pounds by 2.2. To convert kilograms to pounds, multiply the weight in kilograms by 2.2. For other conversions, you can use a site such as:

What is the difference between cloudy and clarified juices and juice concentrates?

Cloudy juice is cloudy from skin, pulp, sugar, and insoluble fibers in the juice that are not removed during processing. Clarified juice will be more transparent as these solids are removed during processing with enzymes.

The best way to think about the differences between non-clarified and clarified is comparing Apple Cider (cloudy) and Apple Juice (clarified). They both taste like apple, but the apple cider has a cloud, and more depth of flavor compared to apple juice. 

The standard in the industry for many our juice concentrates is clarified (berries, stone fruit, apples, grapes and more). The standard for most citrus products is cloudy. If a citrus product has been clarified, it will say so in the name. 

We carry the following juice concentrates in both clarified and cloudy versions:

  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Passion Fruit
  • Pineapple
  • Tangerine
  • Watermelon
What is the difference between Single Strength product and Not from Concentrate (NFC)?

Our products listed as ‘single strength’ tend to be purees, whereas ‘not from concentrate’ (NFC) tend to be juices. We also occasionally carry single strength juices that are called ‘from concentrate’, where the product has been re-constituted with water to bring it back to its FDA single strength level.

What does GPL mean?

GPL stands for Grams per Liter, referring to the naturally occurring Grams per Liter of Citric Acid per volume of liquid. It is used in highly acidic fruits (lemon and lime) to measure the concentration instead of brix.


Where does Greenwood ship to?

We ship to all over the US and Canada. Please reach out to our Customer Service team for help arranging freight.

Which warehouses can we pick up from or ship from?

Most shipments will ship out of the Chicago area. Contact to discuss the possibility of shipping from one of our external warehouses (e.g. OH, MA, GA, TX, NV, CA, etc.). 

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What are your pallet dimensions?

Our pallets are: 40″ x 48″ x 4″

How many pails can fit on one pallet? How about drums?

We can fit 36 pails or 4 drums on one pallet. Aseptic case sizes will vary, so please contact our Customer Service department for this information.